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manager 2019-11-18 00:00:00

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Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu
Organizational unit
Studium Języków Obcych
field of science
Języki Obce
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publication date
2019-11-18 00:00:00
expiry date
2019-12-18 00:00:00
ANNOUNCEMENT On November 18th 2019 the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs of Wroclaw Medical University announces an open contest for the position of director of the Department of Study of Foreign Languages A. The contest can be entered by candidates meeting the following criteria: 1. hold a MA degree in philology, 2. no less than a 5 -year-work experience in the position of an assistant, adjunct, lecturer, senior lecturer or a technical researcher, 3. demonstrate professional achievements in the field of teaching and education of young scientific staff as well as managing research teams. B. According to § 9 paragraphs 4-6 of the Contest Regulations, a candidate can not enter the contest if : 1. the candidate does not fulfill the conditions stipulated in Art. 113 of the Act on the University Education, 2. the candidate’s employment agreement has been terminated by the university Rector for reasons attributable to the academic teacher in accordance with the legal period of notice or without the notice, according to Art. 124, paragraph 1, points 3-4 ,Art.124, paragraph 2, Art.125 and 126 of the Act on University Education or Art. 123 paragraph 1 and 2 Act on University Education or the length of employment service has expired according to Art. 127, paragraph 1. points1-6 of the Act on the University Education or 124 Act on University Education, 3. disciplinary penalty has been imposed on the candidate in accordance to Art. 140, paragraph 1 of the Act on University Education or Art. 276 paragraph 1 Act on University Education. The person can enter the contest only after the disciplinary penalty has ceased to exist. C. The candidates entering the contest are to submit the following documents: 1. a letter of application, 2. a written statement that the candidate has read and accepted the content of “the Contest Regulations of managerial positions in departmental units, university interdepartmental units as well as other organizational units”, 3. a written statement of a candidate’s consent to have his/her personal data processed if it is necessary for the recruitment and contest, 4. a CV with professional experience including research and educational work, 5. copy of the document confirming the achievement of the degree of doctor, habilitated doctor or academic title (if applicable), 6. list of publications, including scoring specified and confirmed by the Main Library of the University of Wroclaw, 7. information on activities in the field of education of young researchers, proposed development program of the unit concerned by the competition, 8. proposed development program of the unit concerned by the competition, 9. certificate of no objection on the part of the relevant corporate chamber competent for the candidate's place of employment (if applicable), 10. declaration on basic employment in accordance with Art. 120 paragraph 2 of the Act on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1668), 11. information on employment with an additional employer conducting teaching or research activity as an additional workplace at the time of employment at the Medical University in Wroclaw, 12. statement on the absence of prerequisites referred to in point B: 1, 2, 3, 13. any references or opinions, 14. in the case of persons who are not employees of the Medical University of Wroclaw and persons whose employment relationship is terminated before the date of taking up the function, the candidates additionally submit certificates confirming completing foreign internships lasting at least one month, confirming their didactic achievements, conducting studies in a foreign language, managing scientific grant, certificates of awards received. D. Documents should be submitted in person or sent by a registered letter at the following address: Dział Spraw Pracowniczych, ul. Marcinkowskiego 2-6, 50-368 Wrocław (pokój 105, II piętro budynku Biblioteki Głównej Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu) The deadline for the submission of the documents: 30 days starting from the date of the announcement, i.e. December 18th 2019 . The decision regarding the director’s appointment for the organizational unit will be made by Rector taking into consideration Senate’s opinions about the candidate ( § 16 of the Contest Regulations of managerial positions in departmental units, university interdepartmental units as well as other organizational units ). In the case of candidates not being staff members of Wrocław Medical University or persons whose employment service expires prior to the date of taking up the position, the contest committee additionally follows the procedures resulting from the Contest Regulations of the position of academic teachers. The Department Board or/and the Senate pass the resolution to employ the candidate. The contest procedures will be concluded within 3 months, starting from the date of the announcement of the contest. Prof, dr hab. Piotr Dzięgiel Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs of Wroclaw Medical University
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